Local Work

We believe in working hard for the mission that Christ gave us.  We support local and international work.  Come join us and help spread the Good News to others!

  • Happy Haven Children's Home

    Happy Haven Homes, Inc is licensed by the state of Tennessee as a residential child care agency. This is a Christian group home, not funded by the state. Instead it is supported by the churches of Christ, other individuals and businesses. Happy Haven provides a safe, supportive environment for children in need (ages 5-17).

  • Blessing Box

    Blessing Boxes are free community pantries.  Anyone can take what they need without question , anytime. And anyone can donate as they desire.  These boxes are popping up all over middle Tennessee and we were so excited to install one in the summer of 2023.

    Check our Blessing Box Page for current needs.  Maybe you can help!

  • Hat Looming

    On most Thursday nights you can find us working with several community members looming hats and crocheting sleeping mats. This is an easy to learn activity, we have all ages ,male and female.  Hats are made with round looms and bulky yarn, which can be found at Walmart, Amazon, and most crafting stores. Finished items are distributed to Blessing Boxes and homeless camps in the area.

    See our Hat Looming Page for more information.

  • Sleeping Mats for the Homeless

    Each sleeping mat requires about 800 grocery/ shopping bags to complete. Before a bag can be turned into plarn, it will be smoothed and folded in a very specific manner. Three inch wide strips are cut and assembled together to create plastic yarn , also known as "plarn". A large crochet hook is used and a large rectangle is created. Each mat is about 6 ft by 54 inches, with ties and a shoulder strap so it is easy to carry.  

    We take donations of plastic bags and also teach people how to make them.  See our Sleeping Mats Page for more information about how you can help.

Join The Blackman Family

We know that it can be difficult to find the right church family.  We are a group of Christians focused on service: serving one another in our worship and in our everyday living.

We are looking for servants who are searching for a church family they can grow and serve in.  Join us, and we can grow together!