Bringing Christ to the World and the World to Christ!

  1. Radio has is a top medium for adults of all ages , reaching 93% of adults over eighteen. 
  2. Radio is is one of the best ways to target specific segments and demographics. Whether it is targeting younger consumers on Top 40, or Baby Boomers on Classic Hits, radio provides many options in terms of choosing where, when and how to market to an audience. Radio reaches Millennials too, 92% a week!  
  3. Radio is TRUSTWORTHY... People build a special bond with their favorite radio stations, formats and personalities over time. People trust stations and personalities they've bonded with over the years.  On average, for every five hours of content people consume, one hour is radio. 
  4. Radio is EFFECTIVE...Radio is still one of the most inexpensive means of getting the message out. Compared to internet, television and other forms of public communication, radio is a very cost effective way to share the Gospel to untold millions.
  5. Radio is WORLDWIDE....Radio breaks through all barriers, iron curtains, political parties, laws  and walls that prohibit people from entering countries.

Radio Facts..

  • Radio out performs TV by 6.4. million monthly.
  • Radio remains the favorite source of in car entertainment because people know their favorite personalities are on the air.  
  • 75% of radio listeners tune in to hear their favorite personalities on the air
  • 52% stated their favorite on- air personalities influenced opinions
  • Radio reaches 67 million millennials each week, up 9% from 2015

We Proudly Support World Mission Radio

Blackman church of Christ proudly supports World Mission Radio!  Please pray for this important work and if you are able, support it at your congregation or personally.

For more information, visit World Mission Radio's Website.